Friday, October 14, 2011

Celebrity Orgasme

Celebrity Orgasme

DID you, many women claim, orgasm due to touch on the G-Spot orgasm exceed klitorial? Yes, many experts believe the truth, although the G-spot is still a controversial thing. Some women say it is an important thing for orgasms while others say that part really does not exist. Basically, the G-Spot is a complementary tool or menu during sex. Women will get extra enjoyment if have it, but does not reduce sexual pleasure in women who do not have it. So this is just a 'complementary'.

G-Spot was originally known by the abbreviated name of Grafenberg Spot G-Spot. So called because it was first reviewed by gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, in 1944. G-Spot is part of the vagina is very sensitive, highly erotic area that provides hours of enjoyment. In some women, G-Spot is a rather prominent part which, when touched many times, will cause a tremendous sensation. But not a few women who can not feel any sensation during the G-spot is touched, and even some women who do not seem to have the G-Spot.

G-spot is actually more of an area rather than a point. If you want to find it, feel for an area that feels a bit rough, not as refined as part of the vaginal wall. The section was sized about 2.5 - 5 cm inside the vagina on the front wall. Although the location is different, the G-spot is usually located midway between the hip bone and the cervix, about 4.5 centimeters into the vagina. Researchers have found that some women feel more sensitive along the upper vaginal wall, and not just at one point.

There are many different theories about what the G-spot or area actually is. One view is that it is an area of ​​prostatic tissue similar to the prostate in men. The absence of Y chromosome on fetal development of women keep the cell at the same place in the form of the G-Spot. Complete with the same sensitivity to the prostate in men. Another expert with the prostate theory but expands it to say it was not the main thing in sensitivity. There is still the clitoris and the urinary tract is the source of pleasure, both of which can be stimulated through the front wall of the vagina. Therefore there are many more parts that are sensitive and we should stop seeking the mysterious G-spot is.

Expert who was first to publish the G-spot has recently discovered another use. In one study he found stimulation of the G-spot area can raise the pain threshold to 47%. If the stimulation is continued, the pain threshold increases to 84% and even 107% on orgasm. This hypothesis says that sensitive and sensitive areas are natural painkillers for childbirth.

What to do at the G-Spot? Experts recommend sex problem for inserting the forefinger to the second knuckle and make calls with a finger gesture to the front vaginal wall. Try it several times with the pressure and length of different touch to find out what feels best. Very difficult for a woman to explore her G-spot to experience vaginal orgasm alone. Therefore, in collaboration with a partner believed to be very enjoyable in finding a woman's G-spot. By experimenting, a woman can find the type of stimulation that she felt most appropriate.

Exploration of the G-spot can be an excellent foreplay fun. During stimulation, the first sensation is probably the feeling to urinate, possibly because the G-spot is on the front wall so your bladder is depressed. G-Spot can also be stimulated by the penis during sex couples, but this depends on the size and location of the G-spot.

Some women who have been surveyed about the G-Spot says that they can ejaculate when the G-spot stimulation received. Research shows approximately 10% of women spend between 900-900 ml of fluid from the urethra during tension and orgasm. A group of scientists researching this ejaculatory fluid and discovered prostatic enzymes, with the theory that the G-spot is the same as the prostate in men. Another group of scientists who examined this fluid, that the fluid is almost similar to urine, an altered form of urine that changes in chemical composition due to sexual stimulation. Research on this continues.

According to Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, orgasms produced by G-Spot pose a far more devastating effect than stimulation results in clitoral orgasm. It is said that the G spot orgasm due terstimulasinya make sense like "floating on clouds or fly to the sky".

Although not all sex experts agree that the G-spot is in the body of a woman, most people believe that it exists and can be stimulated as a main element of enjoyment. It is often classified as the urethral sponge (a soft flat area, approximately one third of the way to the front wall of the vagina and there is right when she was aroused). He beat a little when touched with a finger sweep in the area could produce the sensation and feeling like discharge orgasm.